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Have a look at the specifications on some of our more technical products.

All of our products are priced very competitively. 

BAL is the leading brand of professional tiling adhesive and grout, they offer an unrivalled range of products for all tiling applications. It is the preferred choice of professional tile fixers, contractors and specifiers. Whatever the tile material, background or function of the tiled environment, a BAL solution can be trusted for quality and lasting performance.

With almost seventy years of experience Fila products represent high quality and standards with an in depth knowledge of their materials. These are just some of Fila’s strong points, their company is a leader in protection and care of surfaces such as marble, natural stone, porcelain, stoneware, terracotta and wood.   Fila offers a complete range of certified products, devised for professional and private treatment and care of your floor.

Product Description
The Aquaseal Wet Room System is designed to provide a permanently flexible watertight membrane prior to tiling in areas such as showers, wet rooms, wet zones in bathrooms and other tiled areas subject to water exposure such as balconies and partially covered external areas.  The Aquaseal Wet Room System consists of a primer, tanking tape, tanking membrane and drain mat and is based on tried and tested wet room tanking principles used in areas such as Scandinavia and Germany where wet rooms have been common for many years.

All components contained in 1 kit.
Single components also available.
Easy reference instructions on all components.
Tested to BS/EN 14891

Areas for Use:
For showers, wet rooms and wet zones in bathrooms
Use on all board joints, corners & pipe entries.
Waterproofing prior to tiling.
For use on plasterboard, MDF, concrete, wet room boards, plywood etc.

Dural Matting systems

Safety from the ground up

Dural provides a variety of matting systems for drainage, insulation and sealing. These make it easier to install floors of all kinds, even on difficult surfaces like old screed or wood, and they also protect the new floor covering from moisture seeping from below as well as preventing stretching or cracks. The advantages are obvious: greater robustness and durability, not only in homes but also where floors have to take plenty of punishment in commercial situations.

Raimondi Levelling system: Perfect Level

A correct setting requires the perfect levelling of the tiles.

Very often it is hard to properly set flexible and low thickness tiles as well as big sized and heavy tiles because of the uneven floor foundation.  As a result, tiles which seemed perfectly levelled while installing them, once the adhesive set, they show differences in level that compromise the final result.
This problem can be avoided using the levelling spacers which preserve the perfect levelling of the tiles and, also, they speed up the setting.  So, the levelling spacers make the setting easy, fast and tiles will be perfectly levelled.
Minimum required joint: 1,5 mm 1/16”).
Tile thickness: min 3 mm (1/8”), max 20 mm (3/4”).

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